Postcard Painting

Like I’ve already mentioned, this year I’m very inspired by Jane Davies and her postcard tutorial video, where she is painting a big piece of paper that she then cut apart into four postcards. One big paper and then ta-daa, postcards! I love the randomness of that!

Making Postcards
I’ve already tried the method with my most recent quick collage artist trading cards, which I loved. It wasn’t a big leap to fill another watercolour paper – this time with swirls of acrylic paint. Yum!

Cut apart postcard
I didn’t like all parts of the painting, so I used collage to hide those parts. And when I liked the entire image, I just turned it over and measured four equal parts and then cut into it without looking. You get what you get and I love all of these four postcard SO much. I hope the recipients will too of course.

This is how my first postcard turned out:

Postcard 1 2013
Neat huh?

I am really trying new things here. Cold colours and mostly blue – where did that come from? Painted swirls in black. My next batch have a lot more pink, but for now I’m really surprised by how much I like these!

Postcard #3 2013

If you feel like making and sending postcards you can join the swap /sign up.

If you’re already signed up please share your postcards in the flickr pool or with a blog link in the share post.

I will share more postcards soon!