Scraps by someone else

Bits and pieces
Paper scraps are the Art Journalers and collageists best friends. We need scraps to create! It’s the treassures in our life, right?

Last week I shared the rainbow colored envelope that I recieved in a journal swap with Tammy. Now let’s just look at what was inside. Except for that List Journal there were little paper scrap gifts and lots of eye candy… Yum!

More little bits of paper
I got some tea, labels and printed papers, but my favorite bits was the small pieces of handmade patterns included. Little doodles, big swirls, ink splattered papers in patterns that I haven’t tried or made myself. As I’m always inspired by what Tammy herself creates and shares on her blog it is super fun get to see something from her hands close up like this!

Painted goodies for collage use
Brown swirls by Tammy
Pink paint chip
The List Journal Wrapped
The last image is the journal! It has a fabric cover and came wrapped in a ribbon. Yum!

Also recommended that you check out the artsy Featuring magazine, because Tammy is the featured blogger in issue #2!

Be well, and don’t forget to save all your scraps! You never know when you’ll need it.

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  1. I would absolutely drool all over the stuff when it came out of the enveloppe… what a gorgeous little pieces! Yes, paperscraps are treasures and it’s even more special when we share and exchange and mix them with each other and with love! Tammy is very talented and so are you! Enjoy playing with your journal, and thanks for the link to FEATURING :)

  2. Oh Hanna! What a lovely surprise in the mailbox. Send me an email with your address and I will send some goodies out to you. Hugs.

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