Eye Candy | big puppy love

Big Nose, beautiful eyes

This is Giza, one of the Broholmer puppies that I visited last summer. She is still a puppy in some ways, but also a big dog. I love big happy dogs, whipping tail, drooling smile and all!

Giza on my bed

Naaah! She doesn’t drool. But her tail is lethal when she is excited. I wish I could’ve kept her in my bed for ever!


She is a calm, gentle dog but I totally got her in a playful mood…

Happy puppy

So she started to kiss me… Got lots of big kisses. With ear licking and wet tongue out (her, not me)!

Big kisses

I need more kisses in my life!

Giza - Broholmer puppy
She is eye candy indeed.

I was a dog person long before Smilla the cat came into my life. As a teen I borrowed my neighbour’s dog and took her for the only long walks she ever got. I bought books about dog training, especially interested in agility at the time. But life has not brought me to a point where I think I could have a dog in my life. Maybe one day my dream will come true, in some way.

But oh how I wish I could get a dog! Though every time I think about it I ask myself: how do you know if you could take care of a dog, and walk it several times each day, for the coming 15 years? I don’t think I could do it, I really don’t. But oh how I dream of it sometimes…

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