I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to write, all the art journal pages I want to fill, all the fabric I want to sew together and all the craft materials I want to explore.
iHanna (inspired by a John Burrough quote)

Art Journal edge
The crusade challenge in March was about restraining yourself, simplifying your journal pages, being a bit minimalistic and leaving some space blank…

Do you know how hard that is? Very!

Time to turn the page

I’ve started a practice notebook, for wee collages, but other than that I am going in the opposite rout right now, as you can see from the art journal spread here. It’s crazy busy!

You Can Turn the Page

I started with a b/w magazine headline, You can turn the page, in the middle left page, and then just filled the whole spread with little bits of this and that. Busy busy busy – but super fun to throw together.

I like the fringe that is sticking out from the page:

Art Journal detail: fringe by iHanna #artjournaling

And the details of the tape, magazine bits, papers, and images;

Art Journal detail: eagle
Art Journal detail: washi tape
Art Journal detail: boat
Art Journal detail: newborn

Making a page like this is a great way to use up those tiny pieces of paper that you have laying all over the place. Try it sometime, and let me know how it goes.

If it gets to busy, you know you can always turn the page and start over.