Christmas is near...
Christmas Art Journal Collage

I didn’t feel like making another December Journal this year, so I didn’t plan for one. But this week, with just a few days left before Christmas Eve (we celebrate on December 24th here in Sweden) I have felt those December Feelings once again. I’m such a late bloomer, in many ways, but that’s okay too. So instead of making a whole journal I’ve made December pages in my regular journals. Right now I have two going at the same time, which is quite unusual for me. It’s the big altered book and a handbound journal that I made myself (filled with watercolour paper).

Christmas Art Journaling 2012
I painted a tree, a rain deer and did some collages too!

Christmas Folder
I sort most of my paper stash (a collage artist has lots of papers in her stash of course) in folders, and in a particularly red one I’ve got the Christmas goodies! Easy to find when (once a year) you might need them!

Here are a few of the Christmas Feeling pages, hoping to inspire your holiday too!

Glitter season!
Get some glitter, it’s the season for this stuff after all! I used it on the Christmas tree page, along with some stickers and stuff:

Christmas Art Journaling 2012
The tree is ready for a holiday!

Christmas Art Journaling 2012
And then it started to snow (using those darn white pens again):

Christmas Art Journaling 2012

Then I did a collage, using my favorite Christmas ephemera saved from Christmas past:

Christmas Art Journaling 2012
I’m using a lot of pretty imagery on this page, huh?

Christmas Art Journaling 2012
The guy to the left is a Swedish short story cartoon called Karl Bertil Jonsson’s Christmas (translated to Christopher’s Christmas Mission). Watch it, because it has some good moral in it – and I will watch it too in a few hours. It’s showed on Swedish television every year!

Christmas Art Journaling 2012

More detail from this year’s Christmas pages:

Hello Christmas!
Christmas Art Journaling 2012
Christmas Art Journaling 2012
Astrid Lindgren postal stamps

Did snow, winter, Christmas colours or the holiday spirit find it’s way to you too? I really really hope so, and that you creativity was energized by it! Let me know what you are creating in the comments!

Wishing you all a very happy holiday where ever you are in the world!