Merry Christmas!

I’m off to celebrate Christmas (which we do on Christmas Eve here in Sweden) with my family (because Christmas is a family affair after all), but just wanted to take the time to once again, after my massive art journaling post yesterday, wish you a great day!

AND ALSO, to let you know the big secret: that I’ll be switching from tweeting 1,3 times daily at my iHanna twitter account (or my neglected ihannas where my tweets are in Swedish) to become @Sweden for a week (24-31 of December)! Why you ask? It’s because I was asked, felt honored – and accepted. Today I’m nervously thrilled…

More about the twitter account @Sweden:

Every week, a new person is @sweden. For seven days, she or he tweets about life in Sweden, love or work, sharing opinions and ideas along the way. Then, someone else does the same but differently. Follow our country through our curators. Welcome to Sweden.

Quite cool huh? More about it/me on Curators of Sweden! Since I’m a big fan of freedom of speech, equality, sharing and democracy I think it will be a great week.

This is what my julafton will look like (probably):

– twittering some throughout the day, updating instagram probably
– getting a cat to my place because I’m cat sitting for a co-worker
– going to fetch dad’s mother (who is 94), helping her to lunch at my parent’s place
– watching Donald Duck and Co on TV
– drinking glögg
– might get some gifts (?), I’m sure the ones I have gift wrapped will be given away by the time it’s time to say good night
– more food
– fika (coffee and company)
– candy, gingerbread, lussebullar, candy

Will be answering questions on twitter, so ask me about craft, creativity, mixed media art, art journaling, Swedish authors or anything else and I’ll try my best to answer, but perhaps not today. Family first, you know. And sad to say, non of them have twitter accounts! ;-)

Follow me and let’s enjoy this day that we have been given!

Merry Christmas from @Sweden!