Christmas walkabout on the beach

Turkos färg

These are some of my favorite photos from our Christmas walkabout. Next post will be from the rest of the day. Click to see all of them:


övergiven grill

Flix på stranden

Flixen sover

I Obbola

Frusen skog


Taking photos is one of the things I enjoy a lot in life. I like looking through the lens and seeing just a piece of the world at a time… I like downloading them to my computer to have a better look – which are good, which will be deleted? I love taking photos in nature, because everywhere I look I see beauty, even on a gray Christmas day on a shore that is shadowed with big fabrics where smoke is thrown up all the time – and ugly buildings destroys the horizon.

I tried to see the beauty beyond that (and below, on the ground!). There were no white snow, but the light was alright for some shots – maybe some kind of inspiration might come to you when you view these? I hope so.

I had a great day and the photos will help me remember how the air felt in my lungs and the serenity of the moment before the storm (gl&oml;gg, the food, games, Christmas presents, Kalle Anka)…

Enjoy life!

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  1. Kjempefine bilder. Det aller f?rste bildet er min favoritt. Det ser abstrakt og nesten ikke helt ekte ut. Jeg f?r veldig lyst til ? lage noe n?r jeg ser p? det! Godt nytt ?r!

  2. Love your pics and I couldn’t agree more in terms of how taking pictures makes me feel. I wanted desperately to get out and take some on Sunday but alas kids, play dates and other household concerns took precedence… but I’m with you. Not sure what Lina and Yvonne have said but happy new year.

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