Turkos frg

These are some of my favorite photos from our Christmas walkabout. Next post will be from the rest of the day. Click to see all of them:


vergiven grill

Flix p stranden

Flixen sover

I Obbola

Frusen skog


Taking photos is one of the things I enjoy a lot in life. I like looking through the lens and seeing just a piece of the world at a time… I like downloading them to my computer to have a better look – which are good, which will be deleted? I love taking photos in nature, because everywhere I look I see beauty, even on a gray Christmas day on a shore that is shadowed with big fabrics where smoke is thrown up all the time – and ugly buildings destroys the horizon.

I tried to see the beauty beyond that (and below, on the ground!). There were no white snow, but the light was alright for some shots – maybe some kind of inspiration might come to you when you view these? I hope so.

I had a great day and the photos will help me remember how the air felt in my lungs and the serenity of the moment before the storm (gl&oml;gg, the food, games, Christmas presents, Kalle Anka)…

Enjoy life!