Art Journal Every Day 2011
First check in with the idea of Art Journaling every day / being Creative Every Day – week 1 2011.

Julie Fei-Fan Balzer confesses on her blog today that she didn’t do anything in her Art Journal for the first three days of January . The good news though is that she inspired me to do a little something in my art journal ever day this first week of the year 2011!

I was even Art Journaling in the new year for the first time and it was such a great feeling. Champagne, grapes, my journal and water colour. Yum!

And each little piece glued in or mark made makes me so very happy! I’ve had the journal open journal on my messy desk and each time I see it my heart sings with joy. The only danger with this practice (as I see it) is that I think 15 minutes is nothing and 2 hours of painting is simply fun fun fun!

Art Journal - first spread 2011
The first spread in the new hand bound by me art journal that I mentioned before. On the inside of the cover I always add a pocket of some kind, this manga library pocket is made by Malin W. The pink page is from a magic paper bag, but most of the other pages are ordinary white window envelopes. I think I’ve saved every one I got last year!

Section of watercolour paper
Each signature consists of a few envelope pages (that I decorated before sewing the book together) and a bunch of folded water colour papers like these, for painting, drawing, sketching and playing on! The envelopes are slit open top and bottom to create a folded paper, then decorated with pretty papers and magazine images using the sewing machine. This book is similar to my Travel Journal but the travel journal was just for writing and had no watercolour papers in it.

Find influence everywhere
“Find influence everywhere”, a postcard by Keri Smith. You can lift the postcard…

Birds + my writing
…to reveal more birds and journaling underneath.

Painting + collage
The yellow page with oil pastel dots was a background I did a long time ago and reused in this journal. This week I did the girl drawing on top of the paint, and then painted her with acrylics!

To the right, a whole page that also is recycled left overs from an altered book. I save the cute illustrations of course. And isn’t this squirrel cute? A keeper. Now safe inside my book.

Wise card from mom
The first day of the year I got to pick a “wise card” from a conversation pack mom found. This is the card I picked. It says: När de invanda mönstren bryts kan helt nya världar uppstå. = When you break your old habits totally new worlds can emerge. Taped it into my journal and when you flip it up you discover…

Another squirrel
…yet another cute squirrel!

Painting on yellow
The first night I thought this girl looked horrible and evil, so the next day I went in with gesso and removed the face and did it again. Now I like her better. The headline is from an article about diary writing that I cut out.

Most of the first pages are still unfinished and are awaiting some text / journaling. Like these:

Be delicious

Envelope windows - see through
Envelope window so that you can see through the page.

Blue wall photo for journaling (later)
Lots of space to write on. Or I might print my list of goals and glue it in there.

Painted envelope + Book page
A envelope page painted pink and a text book page torn out from an altered book and recycled to here. The Hello Kitty tag is from my wee cousin’s Christmas gift!

This is the first spread in the book:

Don't snooze + Find Time and Space

And a few close ups from this page on my favorite parts:
Cloth label: Vintage stories
The prettiest cloth label ever: Vintage Stories. I could almost have bought the shirt just for this label!

Promotion Postcard from Rce Freeman
Promotion Postcard that Rce sent me, about her book Creative Time and Space.

Machine sewn
A frog on the previous page and now almost all of my “symbols” on this page: my cat, a heart, owls, Mr Buddha – and even a rose! The black tag stamped with an owl is from Sophie D. Pretty! All ephemera goes into the art journal.

BTW: I’m really happy (and thankful) that my creative ideas for 2011 got some of you started on goal setting. Kel used my headlines and created her own list of things of looking forward to for example. This year is going to be awesome! I’m choosing awesome. What is your choice?