Love this book cover that I made (copyright Hanna Andersson)

I love how this journal that I’ve made looks and feels. It is just delicious! Love the cover, the inside so rich with sewn pages, cut up envelopes and folded water colour paper. But I have a hard time creating in it! It’s been waiting for me to open it up for weeks now. The pages are maybe a bit too prepped, to “finished”, to full already, for me to feel invited to create on them…

This is how one spread looked already when I bound the book together (with flip-up taped in later):

Just as it is - art journal page by iHanna

Btw: both the Brooklyn library card and the information is taped in so I can flip them up, like this:

Flip the rules - art journal page by iHanna

Beautiful pages, yes, with lots of space for doodles or writing, but not much room to… move around? create art? be me? I’m not sure what it is, but since I have a diary where I write most days the writing tends to end up there and not in the Art Journal. And I really think the pages are pretty, so I’m not wanting to go in with acrylic paint to mess it up either. Not sure what I should do, I’ve started another journal, an altered book, that I’m not sure I like either! Very unusual for me, this unsettling feeling with the ongoing journal.

Art Journal page: But I smile (unfinished) by iHanna - Photo Copyright Hanna Andersson

I love all the papers on these pages, the images, the space that invites you to write in it… It looks inviting doesn’t it? Maybe I should just stop hesitating and decide to fill it! I’ve signed up for Art Journaling Every Day this month too and I do need to start doing that! Do you ever get stopped like this? What is your favorite solution?

This is a photo of the spine;

Art journal spine by iHanna - Photo Copyright Hanna Andersson

Yummy right? These photos makes me happy. Now I just need to find a blank page and make it “work” for me! :-)