Peek: I believe
Maybe it should’ve said I believe in my heart that I am an artist or I am an artist at heart (even if the world doesn’t know)… What ever! I don’t care, it’s finished. It is what is and it says what it says.

The art journal crusade this month (no 56!) is called I am a believer. It’s about making an artist statement in your journal and telling the world what you believe in. So easy, and yet so hard. This month it was hard for me to state that I am an artist, even though I know it is my calling. I felt doubt. I felt anxious. Not about writing it in my journal but how I feel about the way I live and the way my dreams look. There is no coherency. How can I sing along with Not a doubt in my mind when there is so much of just that?

Well I know about affirmations, so this is a try at that. I might not believe in my own words every time I see them, but maybe tomorrow I will sing along and dance too. Plus, I wanted to do this exercise before October ended so I just sat down and did a page, ignoring my worries and evil inner critic… Sometimes I think that is all we can do. Ignore our head and do art anyway.

I am really pleased with the result in my art journal. A happy page from a sad feeling!

I love writing something and then slowly outlining the letter forms with various pens.

Yummy pens
My entire table is filled with these yummy pens today. Yum!

Right now I love bringing the pens out and using them daily. Colouring in my silly little drawings, like the yellow flower doodle. I enjoy combining a quick watercolour background with colours from a the pitt pens or Gelly rolls.

Coloured pens
I also have these fiber pens from years back. A whole bucket full of colour that is now (after the move) re-found and put to use. But even if I didn’t use them I think they can stay. I put them on my living room table like a bucket of fresh flowers. ;-)

I did something else on the opposite page of the spread;

Peek: I need art
More words (I know art is important to me and my well-being. That’s something I can sign any time) and a big heart filled with doodles. I filled the heart as I was watching (listening) to the news on TV and Babel (a show about books).

Art is about well-being, more than anything to me. With art I get to dive into the essentials of life: play, meaning, conversation and feelings. Art gives us so much joy and it can be filled with life itself. My well-being comes from colours, new combinations and moving my hands with the brain turned off. I love turning my brain off!

How do you feel about claiming it: I am an Artist?

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