Baby it’s winter outside, but in my heart it’s spring… Smilla is so darling cute. See what I mean? She makes my heart melt every day.

Lazy winter day...
Smilla wanted to add a short message today: I don’t like winter. It’s too much snow, too cold, and gosh, its boring to stay inside all day! Still, I’m staying in. Just so you know. But I am bored. Very bored. When will summer come back? My humans are boring, everything is boring. Turn the computer off and come play…

I, Hanna, did go into the snow but I’m glad I’ve got boots so my paws don’t have to touch all that white cold stuff. Wanted to share these winter photos today, they are all taken with my new beloved smart phone:

Winter Forest Restaurant
The Winter Forest Restaurant is open to all birds.

My Christmas tree
I decorated my Christmas tree with mostly natural light and snow.

Hidden resting place
Bench almost completely hidden in snow, not that I wanted to sit there anyway.

b/w Birch in deep snow
B/W Birch in deep snow.

Post summer indeed
It is “post summer” indeed.

Back to the lady of the house:

Smilla in winter mood
Smilla stretching in the kitchen
Smilla in winter mood