Winter wonderland 2012
The view from my window. I never tire of my two big windows and the constant ebb and flow of light they yield.

Right now it’s snowing, slow big flakes, outside my window here in Sweden. Falling like there is no hurry in the world. I’m about to wrap some gifts, clean of my messy desk and then go visit my grandmother who turns 94 this week. Here are a few images from my home, to yours:

Hyacinth bulbs in coffee mugs
Hyacinth bulbs planted in vintage coffee mugs.

Making patterns and such
During December I’m making doodled patterns in a little notebook, but now I’m “behind” on the daily practice. Will catch up and post about the pattern making another time.

Mollie makes + 12 months of inspiration 2013
Bought the magazine Mollie Makes just to get the very pretty wall calendar with 12 months of inspiration. Super cute and full of new days to use and fill.

New pens - again and again
And more pens. I’m so grateful I don’t know how much money I spend on pens in a year. And grateful for the thrill I feel picking out new ones to bring home to my collection – every time!

Reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver
I’ve already finished Lauren Oliver’s beautiful book Delirium and will move on to the next one, Pandemonium, very soon. Love the cover layout (colour and image) on my version of this book.

Linnen floss from Ingrid P
Making hearts
Making hearts in all kinds of textile forms, after going through Jude Hill’s class Whispering Hearts, which totally inspired me and made me glow with stitch happiness.

New favorite mug
A new favorite coffee mug, that matches the table and my mood. Love it!

Shabby chic Home
Another view of my ever changing living room table, here a little more cluttered (but not as cluttered as it is right now). Pink candle holders all around, because I like a pink Christmas the best.

Autumn roses staying fresh
And I had to show you the leaf roses again, they are still so beautiful and standing strong!

Wishing you a beautiful weekend!