Issue 1 of Featuring (a zine about art journaling, mixed media and more)

I received a review copy of the newish first issue of the magazine “Featuring” a while back. As I’m back from the beach a few hours I thought it was time for a little review today! And yes, I missed you while I was gone dear blog + reader

It’s a printed magazine about mixed media and art journaling. It’s made by passionate people with no interference or backup from big printing houses or publishers. I love how the awesomeness of the internet lets people come together and collaborate on this kind of project! I think it’s a very ambitious publication full of great written material and some inspiring eye candy.

Also, I’m really impressed with how profesional it looks and feels. Not perfect, but still pretty darn nice. It’s not a how-to-magazine and I think that is a good thing. I like reading (a lot!) when I get a magazine, and there is a lot of interesting articles inside this first issue. Beautiful images is a bonus of course. If you make a product that you’re marketing as a magazine I think you should focus on good writing, finding people who can express themselves in text. If your only ambition is to feature a lot of pretty pictures you already got the internet – for free! A meaty article is something else, and it’s still great to get that kind of text in paperform. That’s why the Mettazine that I made was filled with 90 % text. It’s a compliment to my blog where I’ve already show my art journaling pages for free…

Spread in the magazine Featuring #1 2012

Anyway, the Featuring magazine is very nice! I totally recommend you to check it out. Personally I enjoyed the article about Andrea Joseph and her elaborate drawing style and emerging art carrier. She is self taught and a great role model for those of us who hasn’t gone to any art schools but still have ambitions toward art.

The chief editor, Marit Barentsen, has written a very interesting article about collages and image copyright across the world, explaining how complicated it all is – and finally clarifying why! I enjoyed the lengthy article, and several others inside this mag! Thanks Marit for sending me a copy of your magazine.

Featuring magazine issue 1: article spread

Wanna read the Featuring magazine too? You can get it in the Featuring store online.

Issue 1 of Featuring (a zine about art journaling, mixed media and more)

Also, read an interview with Marit at DaisyYellow!