Festive lights
I have like a gazillion awesome photos (if I may say so myself) on my computer, just sitting there. Folders upon folders full of colours, inspiration, beauty, life!

These photos makes me so happy but there are just way too many to share. So today I’ll just throw in a few here on the blog and hope you’re inspired to share some photos of your own – or to go out and snap some if you haven’t already! It’s a little peak at my creative life. What do you think? Let me know if you want to see more, and I’ll do another random photo post some day soonish… :-)

Here we go:

Charlotta's iPhone
Super pretty Cath Kiddston covered iPhone (too bad it isn’t mine).

Art Journal set up
Art journal set up. Ready to roll.

Summer sallad + company
Summer salad in Technicolors.

Drawing in my narrow drawing journal notebook thing (with a bird on)
Drawing in my narrow drawing journal notebook that I bought on Etsy once (it has a bird on the cover).

Maria's doodle
My friend Maria doodled these flowers when she was here visiting. Pretty huh? Today is her birthday, so happy birthday sweet one!

Ball of yarn
Fuzzy yarn that granny tried to knit a sweater out of, but now it’s unraveled waiting to become a scarf I think.

Fabric print owl by mom
Fabric print that mom made for me. A pink owl, awww!

Which one is your favorite? What does your creativity look like right now?