What’s on my Pink Polka Dot Desk these days I guess you’re asking right now? Well, I am delighted you asked because that’s just what I wanted to share today! But most of all, I want to talk about pen storage a bit, and show you the kind of transparent pen pouches I prefer. Comeon over,wanna sit with me at my work desk for a while andhave a coffee?

on my polka dot table

I’ve always got at least two notebooks and a few pens out on my desk, but most of the time the surface is covered with paper piles and not as pretty andstyled as it is here. I don’t have a good system for sorting papers yet, but I’ve got my pens under control. Most of the time. Well, sometimes.

Those of you who’ve been around for a while might remember the revamp of the desk? I am still a fan of the desk and keep adding polka dots tomy environment…

Polka dots can’t stay alone. When we obliterate nature and our bodies with polka dots, we become part of the unity of our environments. Yayoi Kusama

Isn’t pens a bit like polka dots? You don’t really feel good with just one. You need at least a dosen to make it through the day. Or at least I do.

I store some in boxes and tin jars dressed in paper, some in glass jars and some in different bags so that I always have a pen when I’m on the go. But my favorite way to store pens are these kinds of transparent pen pouches with a simple zipper closure. They’re always ready to go!

Coffee and pen pouches  l transparant - photo by iHanna

Even with a bit of pattern or a big flower printed on the plastic, you can clearly see all the pens inside, and find what you need before even opening the pouch. I love that!

They need to be filled with just the right amount of pens so that you can rummage around a bit and find the pen you need (it’s always at the bottom!). If it’s too packed you can’t move around in it without some falling out…

Two transparent pen pouches

Today as I’m sipping black coffee I’mthinking I’d take a few minutes to share thislong overdue blog post about some pretty things on my pink polka dot desk. I’m also thinking I should try to sew some transparent pen pouches of my own one day, I’ve got some fun materials to try, but I’m procrastinating that project because I think my sewing machine won’t like it…

How do you store your pen collection?

on my polka dot table

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