If today was not a productive day don’t beat yourself to death over it. Wake up tomorrow and start from there. Try it. It works. We can’t go back. We can only go forward. Let’s go!
Terry McMillan

Peacock detail

Art Journal Peacock

Art Journal Peek is becoming a regular feature on my blog. It’s where I show a spread in my beloved art journal that I like. This one shows a proud peacock on the right, and an ornamented feathery bird on the left (it’s a colouring page that a kiddo friend gave me two years ago, now incorporated into my art journal). And lots of scraps, because I have plenty.

The above quote is perfect today, because I have back problems and have not been able to sit on a chair. I’ve been resting flat (working/reading), walking and standing up all day today. I hope it doesn’t develop into full on lumbago.