The Spring Chicklet

Spring Chicken
Isn’t this the cutest thing you’ve ever seen? It’s a spring chicklet on the loose, wishing you all a happy easter! And I’m in love with my own creation. It’s lovely when that happens, don’t you think? :-)

I love this. I loved coming up with the idea, sketching it and finding the right fabrics for it. I loved composing the picture. And I love handsewing. I so enjoy embroidery, appliqué & quilting in combination.

Here the whole thing:

Spring Chicken

Totally inspired by Janet Bolton‘s book Patchwork Folk Art, a book that I love and adore.

Wishing you a happy Easter holiday!

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  1. I was just complaining yesterday about how much I hate hand sewing and I need my sewing machine fixed asap. However after seeing this I’m quite a bit more apt to give it a try again. :)

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