If we want to discover the full potential in our humanity, we need to celebrate those heartbreaking strengths and those glorious disabilities we all have. It is our humanity and all the potential within it that makes us beautiful.
Aimee Mullins

My Happy Birthday Tree

This year, like the year I was born, my birthday happened in conjunction with the Easter celebrations. As I walked through town I pretended that all the feathers and flowers were put up just for me. That the sun shone just for me. And it felt perfect, all of it.

Don't cry, little chickens
Pile of stamps out again
Easter indoor and outdoor
Birthday Me 2014
Pink feathers
And a tiny pink cottage
Easter craft time
Flowers in my kitchen
Words and Birthday celebrations

There is lots to celebrate right now. Small things. Big things. Daily Mindfulness. I’m one year older. The world is in bloom. The twigs are full of pink feathers. My family is awesome. Owls exists. I’m making mail art. And I have been cutting out words for postcard swap postcards, and it’s super fun. I also glue words on everything right now, to make new sentences and word poetry! Love it!

What are you celebrating?