Last year my mom (who loves sewing and quilting) bought the book Making Luna Lapin by Sarah Peel, and we got sewing as soon as it arrived. We couldn’t wait because everything in it is so cuuuute. It’s about this super sweet little girl rabbit called Luna Lapin (lapin is French for rabbit) and her little fashions.

If you’re into sewing super cute softies with big personalities, this book might just be up your ally. Let’s see…

Taking a look at this cute sewing book called Making Luna Lapin by Sarah Peel - a book review by iHanna

It’s been a while since I wrote a book review, but I hope I will get back to doing one semi-regularly at least, because I enjoy sharing my favorite finds with you guys. And now that I got thinking about this gem I had to share it before Easter (can you believe it’s Easter next week already?) even thought it doesn’t really have anything to do with Easter. But I mean: cute bunny – you can’t not think at least a little about Easter, right? Or is it just me?

My Luna is a bunny BTW, because I think she looks more like a bunny than a rabbit, so I’ll just call her that.

Anyway, the book starts out like a story book with a little story about Luna Lapin and her life, like an introduction. Then the rest of the book is about the different patterns. You get the pattern and detailed sewing instructions for making your own bunny from felt (although you could use any fabric) and her clothes, as well as a bag, shoes and hat.

Making Luna Lapin book

I think it was easy to follow along in the description as mom and I created a bunny each. The how-to images are great help, the patterns in the correct size (whoot whoot!) so no need to find a copy-machine to enlarge anything, and the images are simply adorable. I think they’re my favorite part. Oh and the fact that mom sewed soo many bunnies (she kept one and gave the rest away to her friends) from this book and a whole wardrobe for her Luna Lapin. I will post more pictures of our process later.

Spread from the book Making Luna Lapin - photograph by iHanna

Luna was designed to be passed down by generations as a special heirloom toy, and I think one well-done bunny would warm any kidz heart. But it’s okay to keep her for yourself too, right? That’s what I am doing. Or to gift her to someone who is a kid at heart in one way or the other…

Here’s the description text about the book’s content:

You will learn how to sew your own felt rabbit along with her exquisite wardrobe including 20 garment and accessory sewing patterns. All the clothes are made using the finest fabrics including wool felt, lace and Liberty print cotton.

Choose from a perfectly tailored wool coat, matching tweed skirt and bag, or pretty lace set. Not forgetting the accessories – there are bunny boots, pyjamas and even tiny French knickers to create.

The patterns are suitable for a range of abilities  – the basic rabbit and simple items are suitable for beginners but the more tailored pieces are for more experienced sewers – the level of each pattern is identified and all the patterns are full size.


I really like that the whole book is about one project, that you of course can pick and choose from. You can sew Luna’s entire wardrobe, as well as that adorable arm chair (!) or you could just do what I did, and make her one cute dress and be done with that. Of course, I might come back to her and make her a bag when summer comes around… or maybe for Easter so she can jump around looking for hidden eggs in the park?

Spread from the book Making Luna Lapin - photograph by iHanna

So, if making handmade toys is or might become your thing I recommend you to check this book out. Let me know in the comments if you want to see more of mom’s and my bunnies in a future blog post?

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Luna Lapin in pieces - soon to be a bunny made by iHannas mom #softies

Mom’s Luna Lapin feelin’ flat. Well, in the making for realz!

Let me know if you want to see more bunny faces!

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Making Luna Lapin - a craft book by Sarah Peel - review by iHanna