It’s Saturday and time for the fourth list prompt presented in/by the sweet little List Journal. I’m playing with dymo tape this time!

Want the story behind the List Journal and the fun colaboration that Tammy and I are doing? Check out the intro post and then follow along with our Saturday List Journal prompts. Thanks!

This was a quick list, listing five Favorite fruits of Summer on the spread next to my list of Dream Places to Travel to. Sitting down to write the list I brought out my Dymo and on a whim, decided to write the fruits (all are berries actaully) in Swedish.

The List Journal:
Mixing Swedish and English happens since I show my pages on the blog where the visitors are English speaking (most of you). Sometimes mixing is okay. Anyway.

List Prompt #4: Five Favorite Fruits of Summer

On my page I’ve added washi tape, my small illustrations, a translation and an unnumbered list:

Guess I like berries a lot! I like:

  • Björnbär = Blackberry
  • Hallon = Rasberry
  • Smultron = Wild strawberry
  • Blåbär = Blueberry
  • Körsbär = Cherry

Yum! Also visit listmakers from last week Thabita and Marci has posted lists that I know of. Tammy of DaisyYellow has a list from last week and today too of course. Feel free to post a link to your list(s) at either of our sites. Thanks.