Art Journal: june coloring

Not sure you will recognize this art journal spread from yesterday’s post? The first layer left me feeling out of order and without flow, but then when I came back to it [the art journal page] with my pink paints I found joy once again. And all of a sudden, I feel like myself again.

I added bit of collage papers and then drew a portrait, a dog and doodled flowers with acrylic paint. With a page like this you could go on an add like a gazillion different things. Writing. Black outlining to the flowers. Defined borders. More paint. More collage. Definitely more washi tape.

But because I feel good about it, it’s finished. That’s how you know when to stop.

Here is a detail of the drawing I did:

Art Journal: june coloring detail
The collage is mostly paper that was already on my desk. Sometimes I wonder why I have “a stash” with piles of saved collage papers. All I use right now is “the trash” in the inbox

Where do you find/keep your favorite pieces of paper?