Paper Patchwork | Notebooks waiting to be loved…

An empty and blank notebook is a notebook unloved.

Paper patchwork

If you didn’t get enough inspiration in the tutorial yesterday (How to make a Paper Patchwork Notebook Cover) where I showed you how you can “dress up” a blank book and make it sparkling pretty today I’m posting even more images of the notebooks we made.

I covered one of my black empty notebooks and mom two. I also covered the altered book I’m using as my Art Journal with paper patchwork, but with a twist. I’ll get to that book tomorrow… I really love the look and feel of these notebooks, and I hope you do too!

Paper patchwork
My personal notebook will become my next diary!

Paper patchwork

Paper patchwork
My new notebook flat out resting.

Paper patchwork
It’s finished and ready to be filled with more colorful content. Daily musings, drawings, receipts, stickers, postcards and notes is coming your way my darling.

In no time your look will have changed from crisp new to thick, full and used – one of the transformations I enjoy the most when it comes to notebooks, journals, blank books and altered books.

Paper patchwork
Daily Art Card inspired by making the paper patchwork notebook covers.

Mom's notebooks
The two notebooks that mom made.

Paper patchwork
Notebooks viewed from above.

I love making Paper Patchwork Notebooks. I think there will be more in my future.

18 Responses

  1. Vackert!!
    Fick du mitt meddelande om tr?ff?
    Har du kanske tid p? s?ndag?
    Skulle kunna komma till dig om du ?r villig o bjuda in en fr?mling ;-)
    Kram Jenny

  2. Very lovely books!
    I thought of using fabric pieces instead of paper. Should also work because the modge podge will protect it from fringing.

    On the other hand I like the look of my very plain daily moleskins so very much. They have my colorful life inside.

    I take your inspiration and will see what happen.

  3. The notebooks look great. You’ve both done a great job of personalizing them. And I recognize a lot of that paper! It’s great to see what you’re doing with it.


  4. These are lovely. I started one today with bigger patches even – but I still did not get to finish it! Things are so crazy in my house lately. What is funny is that we are both clearly using paper from Kelly Kilmer – we have some of the same stuff!

  5. I have just found your blog through Google and got so excited after reading your first two posts that i had to come and let you know how fab i think your blog is before hurrying back to read the rest. You’re very talented and these notebooks are fantastic. I feel inspired to make my own.

    Thank you for sharing,
    Lea (all things shabby chic) xx

  6. i’m thinking this would be a fabulous gift for my 6-year-old niece for christmas! i’ve been looking for some fun stuff to make this year since the budget is tight around here, and i think this is super cool!!

  7. I stumbled onto your blog in a long chain of links….I’m glad I stuck it out till here…you have an awesome blog and great talent!!! This is so inspiring…Can’t wait to try it out…I’ll have to buy or make a notebook first…
    Thank you for sharing your ideas..

  8. My sister and I always make presents for her friends for the holidays. I’m thinking these would be a great idea with some new cute pens this year!
    Thanks for sharing!

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