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How to Recycle a Whiskas box

Packaging and containers lend themselves well to storage in a studio. As an artist I’m always in need of new, fun ways to store pens, threads, and finished notebooks. There is always something that needs to be put away… And to customize a box to your own liking is so much fun. When a food […]

365 Collages | Week 35 | Paper Patchwork Edition

Summer Ending Summer is ending, but my collage adventure continues into the autumn and hopefully until the end of this year. If that happens I will have created 365 collages this year. A huge and amazing number. This week’s batch is made in one of my favorite collage methods. I call it “paper patchwork”, some […]

365 Collages in 2013 | Week 15

Drop of Colour Thanks for the awesome response to last weeks collages in the recycle edition! I love love love reading your comments on specific collages, going back and seeing them with new eyes and with your opinions in mind. This week feel very random, but you might be able to pick a favorite anyway. […]

Artist Trading Card Quick Collages

My friend Madde invited me to a Swedish ATC swap with the theme Colour colour colour. That’s a theme that is hard to resist, right? I used to make a lot of artist trading card collages a few years ago, trading via the internet, but now it’s been a while since I made any at […]