How to Recycle a Whiskas box

Packaging and containers lend themselves well to storage in a studio. As an artist I’m always in need of new, fun ways to store pens, threads, and finished notebooks. There is always something that needs to be put away… And to customize a box to your own liking is so much fun. When a food packaging is sturdy and well made, it should be reused in some way. Recycling is better than buying a fancy new box from the office store!

Whiskas Box in the making

I found that the Whiskas box for cat food was a nice size and form. And that’s why I decided to to “paper patchwork” it!

If you feel in need of a fun paper craft project, and a nice container like this one, this is it. Give it a try and have fun!

Whiskas box side view

All you need is a glue stick, scissors and bits of patterned paper! And a box of course. If you don’t have a cat you can use a food container for human food, like a milk carton or a empty box of crackers. Cut of the top of the box with a craft knife, and get started with the collaging part. It’s time to create a paper patchwork.

Here is a before and after photo:

How to cover a whiskas cat food box with paper patchwork, by iHanna at

As you can see on the finished box I let the cat face peek through. I thought it was a fun to leave a bit of the original look as a reminder of what this pretty box used to be!

Fun boxes for papers

To cover a surface with “paper patchwork” is one of my favorite ideas for a great craft time. Once you start you can’t stop, so make sure you’ve got at least two boxes at arms reach. Washi tape is also a good idea. I used a lot of different patterns and colors, but to me they are all in the “happy range”.

Two fun paper collage boxes

Right now I’m using one of these to store stickers and labels that I want to have handy when I journal. They’re purfect for storing small notebooks, paper scraps or pens in. And the paper patchwork makes me happy. In fact, all of these patterns make me happy!

What do you recycle and keep out of the trash?

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  1. Å så fiffigt tänkt och bra återbruk. Vi slänger alldeles för mycket i denna konsumtionsvärld!

    tack förkommentaren om mina vantar.

  2. I have about four empty Whiskas boxes under my sink… the cardboard is so wonderfully sturdy that I just can’t bring myself to throw them away!

  3. I recycle every scrap of everything I possibly can. We have a big county-wide recycling program where I live. So if I can’t recycle something by using it otherwise, I know it won’t go into the landfill with the garbage.

  4. well done!
    love your patchwork boxes! :)
    I like to recycle little glass bottles and covered them by crochet. I made three last year and I use them as vases for little flowers!

  5. I wish I could think of a way to re-use the small round cans that the food actually comes in. In our 3-cat household, we go through several cans a week. There must be something that they’re good for!

    RIght now, I’m stockpiling coffee bags — they’re very durable and usually have attractive designs. Not sure what they’ll evolve into. I have enough to make a large tent!

  6. Love these ideas! I often advice my clients to recycle and to re-purpose old packaging, than throwing out and overfilling the garbage containers around. Recycling Whiskas boxes this way is os good idea and I’m definitely recommending this to my friends. Thanks for the inspiration, Rebecca

  7. I love your patchwork! Your papers are colorful and happy. Many appear to be vintage-style. I am wondering where you buy most of your paper. In particular, I’m interested in the small to medium-size floral/fruit designs. Thanks so much for being such an inspiration!

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