Green and pink love

I think my favorite color combination in the whole world must be pink and green. I am drawn to this combination over and over again, without even thinking about it. When pink & green shows up in nature it’s such a gift, and recently I’ve had it on my table reminding me that spring is near. Here are a bit of eye candy in pink and green from my life:

Green and pink

White and pink phalaenopsis orchid (Photo copyright Hanna Andersson)
Pink tulips march 2014
Pink Wool
Pink tulips for Hanna
Knitted yarn

I got yarn to knit myself a cardigan (which by the way is taking for ever) and when I got home I noticed that it was the same colors as in the knitted cap I made years ago (also pink and green strips).

What is your favorite color combination, and where do you see it show up?