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Blue and Yellow

The gold you have to dig for is not the real gold. Marty Rubin This year most fall days have been horribly gray, with heavy clouds covering the sky. But then when the sun did peek out, I hurried out for a walk and took a few photos of my favorite fall tree, and some […]

Pink and Green

I think my favorite color combination in the whole world must be pink and green. I am drawn to this combination over and over again, without even thinking about it. When pink & green shows up in nature it’s such a gift, and recently I’ve had it on my table reminding me that spring is […]

Creative Snapshots | In Many Pink Hues

Creatie Snapshots – photos from my everyday creative life – is back on the blog! I’m back at work and will be looking through photo folders from this summer now. It’s something I love, and I also enjoy sharing my favorite creative snaps with you guys! So I hope you like that too. Today I’m […]

Art journal peek: A Very Brown Page

Fishy poetry in my art journal. en koffertfisk, att bygga stora snäckor med ekar och smultronträd, lycka och glädje. Found poetry poem by iHanna. Translated it would sound something like this: a “trunk fish”, to build big shells together with oaks and wild strawberry trees, happiness and joy. More brown details from a very brown […]

My lovely hand dyed fabric pile

My lovely pile of hand dyed fabrics! This year I’ve experimented with the idea of “making the material my own” more than ever before. I love the idea of dying and not just using store bought and ready to go materials. In a class I took we experimented with these fun fabric colours, called Omeaga […]

A purple sofa

A bunch of us were invited to a Craft Night at my friend Sandra’s home last month. It was my first visit to her apartment and I really liked her style. It is not my style, but very much hers and the mixed autumn colour palette fits her perfectly. What about a green bedroom, a […]