More Crocheting going on

Creatie Snapshotsphotos from my everyday creative life – is back on the blog! I’m back at work and will be looking through photo folders from this summer now. It’s something I love, and I also enjoy sharing my favorite creative snaps with you guys! So I hope you like that too.

Today I’m sharing photos with a lot of pink in them. As it happens, pink shows up everywhere around me, not just at home, and I’m quite enjoying it.

Pink Geranium
The Geranium is back in bloom at the end of summer.

Pink Mandala Doodle
Mandala doodle coloured pink.

Skirt and top I dyed pink
Remember my experiment with Flamingo Pink dye in the bath tub? This is the result.

Summer Food = Sallads
Summer food!

Budding orchid
Budding orchid. I thought it was never going to be pretty again – but it will.

Pink Vintage Fabric (skirt)
Today’s skirt. Vintage pink!

Mom's Neon Pink Nails
Mom sewing – neon nails!

Crocheting in Pink
Me crocheting some more. I tried both colours of neon nail polish at the same time. That’s me, and things like this makes me happy.

What about you? What are you documenting right now?