The most valuable thing you can make is a mistake – you cant learn anything from being perfect.
Adam Osborne

On my desk

There is a mess on my desk. Again.

There is a finished art journal. A started art journal. A current art journal. My diary, another notebook, and a bunch of stray pens. Loose papers with no home. A painting project. The brayer. Glue stick, date stamp, heavy book for flattening collages. The sewing machine. A turquoise glitter yarn I found when I was (actually) cleaning this week. And lots more stuff. Beloved materials and unfinished ideas.

I wish I could get into the habit of clearing the table after each work session, but that is not how I work. I bring this out, that out, and then I remember (sometimes) that I should eat something. Or the computer pings with yet another registration for the DIY postcard Swap, and that distracts me and I forget all about putting away my projects.

I’m lucky if I remember to rinse the paint brushes.

I guess I’m gonna have to live with the mess. I like to do a big clearing every now and then, for sure. And in between I’m okay with the mess I create. What I really dislike though is when it’s so messy that I can not find a single centimeter to work on. Overflowing with piles. Then I know it’s time to sweep. :-)

I’m embracing not being perfect!

How do you work?