You know about all those online tests you can do to find out what kind of person you are? I hardly ever do them. They are about what kind of personality you have, what kind of color you’d be if you were a color, what kind of book character you’d be, and so on… Maybe some are fun but mostly they seam to be created to fill up posts in boring blogs… hehe. Eek! Not for me anyway, I’ve got too much else going on here. Plus, I know what color I am.

I am rainbow!

I’m looking through my box of crayons in analyze mood today though…

iHanna's Water soluble crayons

My crayons are water soluble oil pastels that smear.
The brand is Portfolio and I love them.
With water they make me float.
Without water they hold me down, close to the paper.
My fingers are red after playing.

I’m a box of water soluble oil pastels,
all rich in color and consistency on the outside,
but easily shattered with a few drops of water…
Almost disappearing with a little shower of rain,
becoming translucent, not pale but opaque.

Show me your crayon box and uncover your mysterious brain. It’s all revealed within your box of crayons… ;-)

My set of crayons

What shall I do when my pink is too small to hold on to? Who wants my purple for your pinks?