Hello Sandybell, Hello memorylane

I’m posting a video to my blog today – just because I can and it’s fashionable to do it. Did you notice that Everybody is doing it these days? I think it will be so cool when we’re getting moving pictures, audio and music into blogging now! I’ll be back with something more creative that I made tomorrow. It has to do with fruits!

But now, guesses what, I found a big big favorite from my childhood. It is a clip from the anime series of Sandybell! I used to love ♥ her so much, and this music still makes me happy.

When I was a kid I used go to the video store and rent every new episode of Sandybell. I drew her picture a hundred times and this melody makes me smile big. Isn’t she cute? She is always jumping around with her dog, singing and dancing through her everyday… She is my role model for life!

If you feel like taking a sentimental trip too, go visit youtube!

I also loved listening to Charlotte’s Web (remember “It’s just another ordinary miracle today”), and the song My favorite things from Sound of Music, John Blund, and It’s a hard knock life from Annie! You can find almost anything on youtube!

PS: And this is cuteness too: Rain Forest Alliance – lots of frogs on Chiquita bananas. I love frogs!

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  1. oh my – i had completely forgotten about sandybell! thanks for all the flood of childhood memories!

  2. Ah, two of my childhood favorites here, Annie and Charlotte’s Web. I think Laughing Yoga is certainly achieving it’s goal, to make people laugh. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to creatively.

  3. Hmmm fruit…I dunno :) laughing yoga..me thinks he nipped from the bottle too many times hee hee Great post thanks Hanna! I found a few YT videos that will get ya gigglin…got to go post em! :D

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