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I’m thinking that I should create some kind of visual reminder to hang on the wall that will remind me to listen to music, or maybe put Spotify in autoplay in my computer. A great song can lift my mood and create energy that wasn’t there before, but I tend to forget to turn it on.

Music List 2011

Michelle Ward lives by her playlists and loves music. Every year she reviews what she has been listening to and put those playlists in her journal, as a kind of time capsule. I like the idea and this year I’ve already been keeping a list of “new to me songs”. So I am actively looking for music that will make my heart sing and my body moving. I was thinking about printing the playlist and gluing it into my art journal, but then that wouldn’t be very me. I sometimes print text or received or sent emails, but not much else.

Music List 2011

So instead I copied the titles into a pre-painted smooth page, good for mostly soft songs that makes me happy (except the last two perhaps that are a bit more upbeat). And oh how I love lettering with a good black pen!

Dreams and a horse

What is on your playlist? Wanna listen to my crusade list – click here.

Go check out crusade #57, All the world’s a stage.

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  1. it’s amazing how music can lift the spirits. i notice when i walk in the morning, my walk seems so much shorter and easier when i listen to music. some good music and a glass of wine really brings out the creative juices.

  2. Hanna, what a vibrant fun page. Love the colors and the starkness of the black – gets my attention, especially since it is hand-written. I am humming along as I read your list – love that! I’m dialing up P!nk right now and will replay it about 7 times. Definitely an energizer. Love what you said about music being able to lift your mood. I’m a believer in that! Thanks for sharing with the team!!

  3. Great colors! And a lovely idea to journal your playlists.
    Art inspired by music has such an accessible, familiar quality, don’t you think? Adds a dimension to your work that others can relate to and enjoy because they know the music; it’s always fun to see how someone else interprets a track you know well.

    Thank you for introducing me to Spotify…I’ve been trying to figure out a way to share my playlists with friends and on the blog, and 8tracks just wasn’t doing it for me (will only upload tracks purchased from iTunes, it seems).
    XX Nat

  4. Love your cheery journal page. You will love looking back on this page in a few years to remember what you loved now.

  5. I need to check out some of your songs – I tend to listen to the same things all the time. I really like the prettiness of your page; it’s very uplifting. Thanks for sharing with us.

  6. Love that I am on the other side of the world also listening to Regina Spektor and Pink :-) Must check out your other fav’s

  7. Your colors were warm and cheery and allowed the “tunes” to pop off the page. Thanks for sharing, Hanna!

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