Contrasts – they show up with time to me. It was a thought I already had on my mind… This photo still makes me laugh:

me & little bro

It’s me and my brother.

Can you believe it? I used to change diapers on him, now in a week he will turn 14 and he has grown a head taller than me in just the past year! His voice sounds funny, crackling, and my hair is getting gray strokes.

The contrasts in our length tells me a lot about time, life, and change. He is older and wiser, I’m older and now the shortest person in my family! Time passes so quickly. Time doesn’t wait for no one. And all of that.

I find it amazing how time flies. No matter how much I try to pay attention, I am stunned at how fast life passes…


When I was three years old I had braids. On the day I turned thirty I braided my hair, and sat in the sun. I’m older, bigger, fatter – and my hair is thicker. It’s a bit darker, but you can also spot an occasional gray hair at the top of my head.

Do time change us, or do we change with time?

I like pink just as much as I did when I was seven. I’m dreaming of a house with golden frames on the walls, just like I did as a kid… The only difference might be that I now have a collection of these huge golden frames in storage – waiting for a house to come along. Have I changed? Yes of course I have, I’m thirty now and so much more of everything. I’m grown up on the outside. When will the inside feel enough? I know what I want with my life. Some days I know what I want and need. What my goals are. Sometimes I feel lost.

This post is not about my studio, but still… These past years is what made me into what I am now, my age has taken me here. I’m here right now. In stillness, waiting for changes and big things. Please wish me luck for tomorrow is the big day! I think I will braid my hair for the Design Market, just for fun. :-)

I wonder what I did think about in that picture, when I had braids and only was three years old? These are my thoughts of today.

This post is part of the Studio Friday theme: Contrasts.