Junk Journal: Room for the soul [Video Process]

Another junk journaling video from me. But…

I think it was a bad idea to dedicate one journal for filming every spread of in. It’s totally not the way to fall in love with a journal for me. How to fall in love with a journal is to live with it intensely, to work on it daily, for me. That is how I create a relationship with it.

Junk journal spread detail with doodled neon stars and strawberry deco tape - by iHanna

And since it takes me so long to edit one video, creating a series of one Art Journal’s worth of spreads would probably take me a few years. I’m not interested in that, so I think I will create a few pages off camera, and then come back to show those and work on in this journal a bit more. What do you think? Plus, my mind is jumping from this to that all the time, so maybe I shouldn’t even be working on series, just stand alone episodes of creativity for YouTube as well as this blog… Let your randomness shine, right?

I’d love to hear your opinion on “series” vs. just what it is blog posts standing on their own. How do you create best?

Well, all that said, I did film two spreads this spring. I posted the first video last week, and here is the second one, following a few previous blog posts about this journal.

Video: My Junk Journal Process

Let’s jump into the journal now.

If you can’t see the embedded video above: Junk Journal with me: Room for the soul – click to watch and give it a thumbs up on YouTube.

Use your good stuff…

In the video I talk about “use the good stuff” which mean that some art material and stationary items are not made to live for ever.

Junk journal spread detail with vintage Strawberry Shortcake doll label - by iHanna

Some stickers can last for ages, but others will stop being sticky after a few years, and you might not know which ones that will be. So use your good stickers. Do not hoard them and save them for the “perfect” moment or page. Stick them everywhere! Make sure you stick them places you’ll see them and smile about them. Then do the same with your washi tape, and your paints. Paints will dry up if not used. Glue sticks and tape too. Washi tape might become brittle or stop being sticky.

And things you never think will “expire”, like scrap book paper, will become unfashionable or even seem boring to you. I think that is the worst. When you keep something you love for too long, and tire of it or feel it’s not you anymore… That’s just wasteful and sad. Use it now, while it still makes your heart sing.

Junk journaling: room for the soul

The pens I am using for star doodling are the Sakura Gelly Rols, and they’re a long time favorite for me. The neon kind of colors comes in a set that is called Fluorescent Moonlight. Yummy because the write on all dark surfaces as well as black paper. Try them out.

Here’s the finished spread for today:

Junk journaling: room for the soul
Rum för själen – room for the soul, non-sticky Hello Kitty stickers and an image of a Strawberry shortcake doll taking me back to childhood for a bit of escapism.

I’ve created a play list on YouTube too, in case you want to see all the episodes together. Did you know: you can “add” play lists on YouTube to your own page, so that you can find them later when you have the time. Not my tutorial but here’s How to Save a Playlist to Your YouTube Channel.

Take care.

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  1. I would love to see any spread. It does not matter to me if I see someone working in a planner, or make a page in an altered book, and later a junk journal or crisp new notebook. Who cares? I just love to see how others work and love your random pages.

  2. Thanks for sharing your fun video and wonderful post with us, Hanna! Your page turned out so cute! Love your use of Strawberry Shortcake and Hello Kitty! And you’re so right, we shouldn’t just saved the good stuff, we should use it and enjoy it! Why is it so difficult for us to use it? (I struggle with this a lot!) As for series, please share whatever you’re excited about. I’m a craft dabbler, so I enjoy seeing whatever kinds of creative projects you’re working on. Doesn’t even always have to be journals! When you’re excited about a project, it makes it so much more fun for us! Thanks for continuing to make a bright, happy, safe corner of the internet where we can come to get inspired and relax!

    • I think it’s the fear of using up those wonderful stickers or papers in the “wrong” place and wanting to use them later and then not having them available anymore… But for me, I can not say I have ever encountered that problem of being sad when something has been used already, so it’s a silly misconception really.

      I keep finding SO so many things that have been floating around for YEARS in my stash, and I think to myself: WOW Hanna, you haven’t used this yet? Why oh why my dear? ;-)

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