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Let some new ideas in

Learn to get in touch with the silence within yourself and know that everything in this life has a purpose. Elisabeth Kbler-Ross It’s time to let some new ideas into my life. How about you? If that is true for you too, I’ve got some links for you to check out today. Excellence through Simplicity […]

A Special Day

Today is a very special day. I’m leaving my home town. I’ve only lived here for five years, but that is one sixth of my life and most of my adult life (according to my calculations, math is not my subject). And I’ve come to love this town so much. I’ve found a home here. […]

My life is a Mess

My life is a mess, how about yours? I’ve been sorting through everything. My life is in a horrible big mess right now. I am throwing away, saving, folding, browsing, sorting. For weeks now. I’ve realized I’m a horrible pack-rat and I shouldn’t buy anything for the next three years or so. I’ve giving away […]

My Knitting Spool

Another white item today, a knitting spool or knitting doll thingie. In Swedish we call it ptdocka. It is such a neat little item, and since I got it I’ve had it in my hand bag’s inner pocket. This way I’ll never be without something to craft / do again! Related PostsInspiration Board Update Photos […]

Good bye paint brush

I made this background in my art journal recently. Nice huh? I did it by spreading the paint with a plastic card, as learned by Nancy in her post Easy as pie background that she wrote in June! I’m not fast, but I have a good memory and when I see something I like I […]

White white white

White is beautiful, calm and soothing, but can also be cold if there is to much of it. I’ve picked out some pictures that says “white” to me in a beautiful way, so this is a white post. I know some of you adore white, so today is a photo filled post with a theme. […]

Create and love

Bara skapa och ?lska is Swedish for Just create and love. A spread in my art journal, one of the more happy ones right now. I’ve been thinking a lot about what is (has become/was) important in my life, and the conclusion are these two words. I love to create. I create what I love. […]

Etsy here I come

Yes, it is true. I’m the proud owner of a very small and shy Etsy Shop with items I’ve made. I’ve had it for a couple of days and then I’m visiting it, checking it out – not telling anybody about it! Etsy here I come – blump! boom! Krash!? It’s here, you my people […]

From a cats point of view

Inspired by browsing through Jojo Falk’s photos of her cat Ripley I hung my camera on my shoulder as I went out with Smilla. I was thinking I have a lot of photos of my cat, but they are of her sleeping indoors, almost all of them. Some are blurry, most of them are kind […]

Luck is a skill

In creative endeavors luck is a skill. Twyla Tharp In July I started working in Art Journal number seven (7!)! Can you believe it? My style is really evolving right now, because I work in it all through the day when I’m at home. This is the first spread I made in it: It’s the […]

C’et la vie

I wanted to post a picture of the most unusual (for me) place that I’ve made art. Now I’ve found the picture! It’s me working in my art journal in a open air salon just outside our bed room inside the tent. I sat there listening to the wind whispering in the trees that were […]