Yes, it is true. I’m the proud owner of a very small and shy Etsy Shop with items I’ve made. I’ve had it for a couple of days and then I’m visiting it, checking it out – not telling anybody about it!

etsy, me?

Etsy here I come – blump! boom! Krash!?

It’s here, you my people should just check it out! What am I so afraid off? That two pink bears I did last summer won’t sell because there are so many people doing amigurumi that are better than me? Or that nobody will care? Really, Hanna, get a grip! Just post the darn news and move on with your “life”.

I have so many things I’ve made that I could put up in the shop, but I’m going to wait for a while and let you all help. I decided to try Etsy to sell my collages, but now I don’t know… maybe I can’t. Maybe I can’t sell them or maybe I can’t make them for selling? Hmm…

What do you want to buy from me, if anything?

Right now there are handmade envelopes and a few paper kits for collage people!

Handmade Envelopes:

Handmade Envelopes by iHanna
I love my envelopes, 5 in each package. They are just so sturdy and fun.

Vintage text pages for collage

vintage papers
And vintage paper is the perfect thing for anyone who likes to make collages, right? Tear them, paint them, fold them… In each package there are several text pages in different languages!

So, go visit and make me happy! Do you have an etsy store? Tell me about it and I’ll visit it of course.

Now I’ve got to go, I really need to read this!