Fire background
I made this background in my art journal recently. Nice huh?

I did it by spreading the paint with a plastic card, as learned by Nancy in her post Easy as pie background that she wrote in June! I’m not fast, but I have a good memory and when I see something I like I kind of add to my virtual list of ‘To Try’s. I didn’t use as many colours as Nancy, and I kind of smeared all the colours together into a fire ocean of red, orange and yellow. But oh, how I love this method! And the surface is so smooth – great for writing on! Love it, and will use it a lot more!

Good bye paint brush!

The universe is waiting for your greatness
This is how the final page look.

The fire background is still visable, but I’ve added a lot of images and text to this spread. I’m learining how to add more and more text to my spreads and I really like it. I’ve complained about how difficult I’ve found this before. I’m still having some problem with the actuall writing of words and sentences even though I now find I have the space in my layout. But I’m working on that too. Maybe I should try some poetry instead of trying to be too smart? Maybe I should not think about who will read it but more about what I need to say…

What do you write in your notebooks?