My life is a Mess

My life is a mess, how about yours? I’ve been sorting through everything. My life is in a horrible big mess right now.

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I am throwing away, saving, folding, browsing, sorting. For weeks now. I’ve realized I’m a horrible pack-rat and I shouldn’t buy anything for the next three years or so. I’ve giving away books, sold papers on Etsy and going through piles of magazines. I only saved the images that I want to keep for collage. The rest went into the paper recycle bin. Off you go, paper trash!

I can’t belive this is my life, this messy, dirty, dusty life?

When Life is a Mess

The entire apartment makes me dizzy right now. Boxes and stuff everywhere! I’m glad I got the chance to sort through my papers before the piles grew over my head, but I can’t understand how it got this way? It’s like something (me?) exploded in here. And so you know; when you find rolls of wall paper don’t store them in the basement. Then they will never be used, only take up shelf space and collect dust. Take what you need and move on!

And if you buy second hand books because you like the covers and want to turn them into notebooks, don’t put them in a paper bag behind the arm chair. Then you’ll forget you have them and go buy even more vintage books! Cut them up and make a book – then sell it! Books will be up at the shop soon too! Plus more collage packs of vintage book papers.

From this day forward I want to only buy things I think I will use in the following couple of days. Books I will read now, or else not buy them at all. At least it’s a thought to try…

And I listed three collage prints that’s up in my Etsy Shop now. Check them out, they are some of my favorite ones. There is Cat Owl, Extra glans and Tea Party. They will look great in a frame on your wall.

Cat Owl mixed media artwork 2006 by Hanna Andersson - iHanna of #collage
Cat Owl that says Mjau (Miau in Swedish), mixed media artwork by iHanna, 2006

Special price: If you get all three at the same time I’ll give you 5 dollar off. Just let me know you are a blog friend of mine, before you pay.

Suzie Blu Inspiration

SuzieBlu preaches: that “you might not have a lot going on in your life” (which is sooo true about my life), “but in your notebook/on canvas your life can be wild” or something like that. I don’t know about my canvas, but I like the message. And Suzi has a whole set of cute stuff over on her YouTube channel suzieblu. I didn’t even know you could have “a page of your own” at YouTube! Cool place, cool stuff.

Watch her videos, because her style and art is so cute.

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  1. Oh it’s so wonderful and good to do a good cleaning now and then. I’ve had to do this many times – things accumulate, and then it’s time to clean out again.

  2. Hi Hanna,
    I was just looking at your collage prints at Etsy and they look great. I am curious – what do you mean by a magazine printer?

  3. Hi Hanna,
    I was just looking at your collage prints at Etsy and they look great. I am curious – what do you mean by a magazine printer?

  4. Thank you Miss Hanna, for liking my video and saying sweet things about my art.
    I DIG your journals.
    – suze

  5. sounds like a wonderful problem to have! but I do know how that can be…it almost seems I cant be more creative with less “stuff” to work with! i ordered some of your vintage book papers and envelopes so I’m glad you are cleaning out your stuff and sharing, thanks! and your prints at etsy are just beautiful!

  6. Thanks so much for the link. What suziblu said really struck a chord with me too. I really liked her paintings and loved the video, in all its whimsy. What a fantastic way of sharing the process of making art.

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