After reading the zine Play I’ve been having an itch to create on paper again. I didn’t bring my altered book because it is heavy, but before I went to the airport I picked up a couple of folded watercolour pages that I had planned to bind into a book last year.

I decided to follow the advice to paint a couple of backgrounds with washes of colour, all at the same time, and used my most summerish colours on some of the pages.

Creating backgrounds with washes of colour with iHanna

I had so much fun while making these pages. I love my watercolours so much. I’ve had the same box for at least 15 years, but added new cups of colours when the old ones was finished. I adore the new colours I recently added: bright orange, lemon yellow and turquoise blue.


Water colour fun

garden prinsess beach my side growing garden
I was so happy while creating these, I forgot about time and room. I found some old magazine and cut out some images to make a collage, on top of my washes of colour. And I think you can tell that the feeling of happiness was with me when I made these? I scanned them before adding journaling, and now I don’t know if I will be brave enough to journal on these? I like them as they are, but probably I’ll add some text or something later…

Washes of colour Painting backgrounds

Some watercolory washes of colour on textbook pages.

I also took book pages out of vintage youth novels (that I bought at a flea market last week) and painted watercolour on top of the text for collage ephemera! This is a great tip for you girls who want to try visual journaling! So fun to tear these colourful pages and use them in your journal.

Washes of colour - Painting backgrounds by iHanna

My own imagery

I’ve been thinking a lot about creating more personal images for my journal later. Actually making my own stuff – saving ephemera, printing and editing photos, drawing, cutting shapes, painting watercolour backgrounds, saving doodles. I think this is the next step for me, in my art. I don’t just want cut out images from magazines, and use other’s imagery, but to combine parts of them, and make new images. To do some interesting marks on my own.

Some inspirational links today, as usual: