I’m elsewhere

It's not you - detail of collage

I get e-mails.

Strangers telling me that they miss me posting to my blog, telling me they’re reading back on posts in the archive.

I’m moved by your thoughts. I’m thinking about you too.

But right now I’m elsewhere. In the Knitty calendar on your wall, if you have it.

I’m written about in other blogs:

Michelle got a package from me and calls her post about it mail love! Nice.

Maria mentions me as a reading friend in one of her blog posts.

Katie has got one of my cats in her shed! It looks very comfy.

Sandra posted something about me too. Nice.

Violette has recived, blogged and aproved Maj, an art doll I made. I’m glad Maj has found a nice house that fits her colours.

I’m also talking about my school in Swedish at kommunens home page.

What online articles I’m reading right now you can find at ma.gnolia. I enjoy marking interesting stuff there. Try it out.

Pages from my current art journal will be printed in the June issue of the zine Bad influence. Order it now so you won’t miss it.

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