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Letters from a friend

In a bag that mom has sewed specially for me I took this pile of letters back to the one who wrote them… Project #1. Find your old letters I’ve ticked of number on in Yamaguchi’s book 52 Projects: Gather up all of the letters that one of your oldest friends has sent to you […]

Stop smoking please

I’ve been a non smoking generation member since I was a kid. It was a great campaign that promoted non-smoking to kids and it was what stopped me from even wanting to try a cigarette when I was young – and I haven’t tried one so far. Ever. But to my sadness mom has been […]

How to Sew a Cat Bed

When we brought Smilla the cat home the first time I realized that we didn’t have a bed for her. We got the climbing pole, the cage, the food, the toilet, the sand, a comb, the grass and a bowl to grow it in, toys, the cat and even cat candy… But no basket! It […]

Every day matters

I’ve been listening to Danny Gregory’s podcast Every day matters that I recently found when visiting his website. I loooove the episode where Dr Hazel Kahan is talking about creativity (click that link to listen to her right now!). It’s both interesting and beautiful, like smart poetry! And while listening I’m working on windows and […]

Design market – conclusion

Thanks so much to everyone for your praise and encouragement! When I make more katt-i-fnattar I will post them here and anyone interested in a trade can get back to me, I’d love to make trades with you talented girls! And yes, the Design market was fun and also an important and big step for […]

Design market – Preparations

Going to the Design market was a very quick decision. I didn’t think, afraid I might have hesitated to much. I just e-mailed the girl that organize it and asked if there where any tables left for me to claim – and it was. And one week to go before it started! Not much time […]

I whipped together a kitten

I didn’t give her a name, but she must be a Katt-i-fnatt, a cat that is a bit crazy but very happy and most probably dancing around singing – Mi-mi-mi-miaaau-u-u-uh! Licking her flowery and colourfull skin and smelling summer in the air with her pink flower bead nose. I made her last week specially for […]

How time flyes and kids grow up

Contrasts – they show up with time to me. It was a thought I already had on my mind… This photo still makes me laugh: It’s me and my brother. Can you believe it? I used to change diapers on him, now in a week he will turn 14 and he has grown a head […]

Thrifted at Nolia

If I was happy after Umeåker loppis I was in heaven after this weekends storloppis at Nolia! Those big thrift markets are amazing, and the goods I did find is still making me smile, largely. There were people selling everything from antique and vintage to just old and worn, in two overfilled ice hockey rinks […]

Another Art Doll

After I finished Emelie, the art doll with an ironed on face, I made another one since I printed a couple of faces on fabric from one sheet of paper. Related PostsArt Doll | Maj my third art doll Angel Doll – with petticoats Art Doll | A Second Art Doll is Born