Another Art Doll

Art doll

After I finished Emelie, the art doll with an ironed on face, I made another one since I printed a couple of faces on fabric from one sheet of paper.

This art doll is called Linnea, and she is very lady like, with a button as a hat on her head, and lots of gold and brown trim and lace.

Here the two dolls sits together on the Easter table at my parents house:

Two art dolls by iHanna

Am I the only one that have missed that Design Sponge has a podcast? I just saw the post about an interview with Swedish artist Karin Eriksson at the site! Can’t wait to listen to this. And there is lots of more interesting shows over at D*S podcasts! Hurray for fun new stuff on the internet!

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  1. Your dolls are wonderful!
    A little weird, but in a good way :))))

    (I also love what you did with the Ikea-drawer… I have the same one!)

  2. I found this entry through Google. Those are some beautiful dolls! Wonderful work. I’m a designer for Dolls United, a dollmaking magazine. If you would like to share some of your techniques with us, stop by our website or you may e-mail me directly. We love all types of dolls!

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