Angel Doll – with petticoats


I’ve been wanting to do more dolls this whole year, but only one has been completed, and that is because I had a deadline. Deadlines are great for people like me, that likes to procrastinate. This was for a contest/exhibition of angels that started the first of Advent.

Working table

I made the living room table into my work table, and filled it with lace, beads, glitter, hair and glue… As always my apartment is to small, and the whole house turns into a mess each time I start a new project. And as you know I always have projects going = our apartment looks like hell most of the time.

Hmmm… An angel from hell? Maybe that is why her hair is red? ;-)

?ngla - f?rsta underskjolen
I made a fabric body and sewed the papier marche head and arms to the torso, plus the stuffed legs. Then I glued the hair (from a hair extension lock) onto her head…

?ngel - andra underkjolen
I’m most proud of her two petticoats (underkjolar), that the visitors could of course not see, and her white dress with small white beads and lots of white lace…

Her wings are white feathers that I bought a year ago, meant to be tree decoration but more suitable for a doll if you ask me. Maybe a bit to small for my doll, but okay.

I think she looks very cute, if not as perfect as she was in my mind when I thought about her. But she is my first doll made in this way, and I’ve never used papier marche before.

I have lots of ideas for heads, and will try to make a couple of different dolls – yes, you guessed it, next year!

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