My lunch today

I just need to make lists right now. More lists than I allready do? Yes. These are some of the subjects I very much need to make lists about right now:

  • What posts I want to write in my blog that I have photos ready for
  • What to do this summer
  • What to craft before Saturday
  • What to sell at the Design Market (!!!) that I’m going to attend this Saturday
  • What topics I want to write about in Swedish (I feel like writing bigger and longer texts, but then I just blog)
  • StampsThe pro- and cons of writing journalism verses radio journalism so that I can make the right decision (?)
  • What I spend my money on (where do they go?)
  • How I can make some money
  • What my dreams and goals are so that I can journal them in my Book of Dreams and presue them with force
  • Make a list of things I should not do so much, like making fun sets at flickr, like the shabby, torn, beautiful for example

I might have forgotten one or two lists, but you get my point? I’m not going in the right direction, or at least I don’t know where I’m going.

This is todays craft news:

Scrapbook papers
I got a bunch of scrapbook papers, and I dressed this little IKEA drawer up (I found the inspiration at flickr). Isn’t it nice?