Art Doll | My version of Queen Elisabeth as an Art Doll

She must be a queen

When this art doll (she is my #4) was born I thought that she really looked like a queen. And when P saw her he said something like that, that she looked royal, so we named her Elisabeth>. She is much paler (brown and gray) in colour than the others (that was more pinkish), but I like her look.

Her skin is coloured with coffee and her sari adorned with black buttons. Her arms are wood wrapped in glitter threads and her crown is a crocheted tree ornament.

She is serene, worthy. She will look straight through you doubts and fears and make you calmer, so that you can create. She will someday be somebody’s creative muse. Maybe yours?

Elisabeth is one of my favorite so far. And oh, how I want to make more. Maybe during the holidays?


Today I’m going home to my parents over Christmas and New Years.

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  1. I Love your Art dolls Hanna!

    De ?r otroligt vackra!

    God Jul & God Forts?ttning



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