Christmas coming up…

Christmas is coming up around here, and you can really tell.

Mom's cooking book
Mom’s cookbook is out and it has lots of goodies inside. A craft-piece by itself.

I go nuts
Leave me with a knife, and I go nuts…

Cooking chocolate toffee
Cooking chocolate toffee, one of my favorites! Just cream, sugar and chocolate! Mmm!

Me and bro
Glazing some gingerbread cookies with blue, white and pink glaze together with my little bro Mikael.

I ♥ gingerbread
Lill' bro's lotMy lot
I like his pink dots and my skulls the best! And the stars look good too:

Snow stars

Gingerbread house
The gingerbread house was made before I came home. It’s crafted by little bro and mom. I love it!

Christmas basket
And a secondhand basket in red – with gifts for us from P’s mom.
– It’s so you! she said. :-)

Merry Christmas to all of you!

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  1. Merry Christmas Hanna! It all looks so delicious. Hope you and your family and a warm and happy holiday!

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