I’ve been experimenting some with fabric and paint and sewing this summer. Just playing a bit, having fun and not expecting much of an outcome because I didn’t know what I was doing. When you have no expectations on your creation if often surprises you.

Both my experiments turned out really nice and I’m pretty pleased with the result actually!

Summer Quilts

I painted with acrylics on cotton fabric one day and then kept experimenting on that surface. I’ve added other pieces of fabric using the sewing machine. I’ve embroidered and drawn on the fabric too, and sewn on beads, buttons, lace, jeans and small bits of embellishments.

What came out are two wall hangings that could be called Art Quilts or maybe Fabric collage. I’ve called these Summer Play Time Quilts!

Summer Quilt #1
Summer Quilt #1 is red and pink. You can make it yours! Sold

Summer Quilt #2
The second one is pinkish and turquoise. Buy this wall hanging at my Etsy shop! Sold.

I’ve added both of these to my Etsy shop today as they are ready to hang as you can see.

Summer Quilt - detail

The hanger is a wooden stick that I’ve decoupaged with vintage text bits from a book and it’s also decorated with glitter tread, fake white roses and ribbons made into bows. Cool, eh? I hope you like them because I want to make more more more as usual. Nothing new under the sun, I’m a compulsive maker. You’re my inspiration!

These are the first items I’ve added to the shop in quite a while because the activity over there has not been very wild. I was encouraged by two recent sells though. I sold one of the jeans bags (the one with the blue lining is still available!) and then also a softy called Skotty (I’m so happy he has found a good home!).

It’s nice to make things, but one doesn’t want to be swamped inside the house with handmade items, so I’m glad to see them sail off. So if you have the time go check there to see if there is something you’ll like. Thank you!

More close-up photos of the Art Quilts below.

These are yummy, I wish I know where and how to print them into postcards!
Summer Quilt

Summer Quilt #1

Summer Quilt #1

Summer Quilt  #2

That’s all f-f-f-folks! I hope you’re having a playtime-full summer!