Thrifted at Nolia

If I was happy after Umeåker loppis I was in heaven after this weekends storloppis at Nolia! Those big thrift markets are amazing, and the goods I did find is still making me smile, largely. There were people selling everything from antique and vintage to just old and worn, in two overfilled ice hockey rinks of tables and stalls.

This is what I found:

Thrifted at Nolia Storloppis
A blue Russian lady (50 SEK), two chairs and two stools in doll house size (10 SEK), a mini craddle (10 SEK) and a green pitcher (2 SEK)! Mmm!

Here is Smilla taking a look at our new chairs:

Small chair. Big cat


More thrifted stuffAnd more thrifted stuff! A big mug with roses (10 SEK), another bird tin can (25 SEK) that goes very well with the swallow tin I thrifted when I was back at home (but I don’t know what this one is for – what is redbreast flake?).

Also a pink tin plate and four issues of the magazine Ingelise from last year, a mag which is filled with patterns for clothes to sew and knit (10 SEK) and I also got four paperbacks for P’s summer reading.

And this brown 1970-style home archive.
Small home archiveI consider this to be my best find.

I think I only payed 10 SEK for this one, and I love it! It looks kind of new, and is perfect for all my stamps and small ephemera that I want to save but can’t find among all the bigger papers. So neat – and I love the price too!

Pekbcker Lill-NallesAlso got a couple of children’s books that I will alter or maybe turn into a photo album? I don’t know yet. I just saw them and got them because they were cheap.

I looooove these finds, all of them! And this is just the beginning I hope.

Summer is the best time for thrifting in old barns and flea markets outside town. I hope there will be lots of time for that this summer. I also hope that I won’t be so tired then.

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  1. Fina grejor! Ibland fattar jag inte att folk g?r sig av med s? mycket fint. Men tur f?r oss som hittar det! :)

  2. I think you actually payed 25 SEK for the home archive but it’s still really nice. I found two bigger home archives in the cellar at work.. I have to examine them closer some day.

  3. Ha Strikkelise, thanks for the tips! I looked at the edge of the tin can and found this text:

    this label is issued by the imperial tobacco company (of great britain & ireland), limited” so I guess you’re right! doesn’t smell anything though, I think it must have been used for lots of other stuff before it was sold. To bad such a cute package should be tobacco!

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