January Mini Book: Forth Spread
Polka dot heart and a ghost image of… me? Not sure what this spread symbolizes, but I really like it. What do you think?

Starting today with the spread that finished yesterday’s post about my Miniature Art Journal Idea and my need to get some drawing/doodling time into my life, and continuing with the rest of the pages in this little booklet that I bound together in January.

January Mini Book: Fifth Spread
I love spring green!

If the page isn’t painted in a warm color like orange, pink or red it is sure to be this awesome green-yellow mix. This page featured a happy blond and a not very happy brunette girl:

January Mini Book: Smiling Gal #2
January Mini Book: Sad Gal
January Mini Book: Fifth Spread
Sisters. Bed heads. Quirky iHanna images.

A red figure that I don’t really like, and a rather dizzy gal:

January Mini Book: Sixth Spread

No one knows what happened to this gal!

January Mini Book: Quirky Me

I think she got hit in the head. Or the heart. Or was thrown to the curb? No matter what, she will be fine. She always survive. So don’t worry, please. She is getting ready to do a quirky dance now, with a lot of spinning round round round…

January Mini Book: the Last Spread
The last spread of the miniature Art Journal of January 2014. Ghost girl II and some unknown character that wanted to be included but not named…

January Mini Book: Seventh Spread

I’m sure they have stories to tell, things to say… But for now, we’re just getting to know each other.

The last page (the backside of the journal) is my favorite:

January Mini Book: Self Portrait

Quirky iHanna, with pigtails.

January Mini Book: the end

So that’s my miniature Art Journal Project for the month of January. Little quirky people and grungy drawings. It might be the first of many, like I said, I am not making big plans right now. We’ll see what happens. And if you make tiny journals too, I’d love to see!

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