Thrift Store Haul: Mexican Lotteria Cards & kids activity books

Thrift is poetic because it is creative; waste is unpoetic because it is waste.
G.K. Chesterton

Let me show you some of my latest thrift store finds

It’s been a long time since I shared anything here that I thrifted or bought second hand, right? Too long if you ask me. Thrifting is a big part of being a creative to me.

I’ve kept buying stuff that others didn’t want any more (second hand stuff that is), and documenting almost every item by taking photos of them when I get back home. Documenting bought stuff has become an obsessive habit for me, and I’m not sure what I will do with all those photos… But I still find it fun to have things documented from years ago. It’s a habit I’ve had for years. So why not share some of my fun finds here, you ask? I’m not sure why I stopped, but let me make it up to you buy showing you a hole heap of stuff that I will be using for crafting!

I made a video of my “Swedish Thrift Store Haul” for you, how about that?

Firstly, here’s the view from the day when I found most of these items:

The sky and a field of Cornflowers - Photo Copyright by Hanna Andersson, Studio iHanna #sweden
Love the clouds, but also notice the cornflower field in the distance? Aaamazingly beautiful. I which I could’ve jumped out of the car to rested there or maybe just photographed it closer.

Oh, and before you watch the video, here’s the thing I saved to show you last in the video, because it was so cool. But this part was so blurry I couldn’t use the footage, sorry.

Gamla placeringskort / Old place cards / name plates with die cut figures
A box of vintage placing cards / die cut name holders for the table.

I love these so much, mostly because it’s been a long time since I found something that is useful for my collage work and journals.

Vintage place holders

Like I mention in the video, I sometimes see new magazines of gardening or cooking, but rarely anything that is vintage or unique like these, things I feel I would love to incorporate into my paper stash. I’ll probably hoard these for a while before I use them.

Vintage place holders

Thrift Store Haul Video

I call it a “thrift store haul”, although most of it is from a car boot sale I think. Well, where I found it doesn’t really matter to you I hope, what matters is: what will I use it for? Making junk journals and creating pretty journal pages in my Randomosity notebook, and maybe, finally, creating that themed journal for all my frog images? We’ll see.

Here’s the video:

If you can’t see the video THRIFT STORE HAUL [Swedish papers for junk journaling & crafts] click the link to watch it on YouTube. I really appreciate if you feel like subscribeing, giving the video a thumbs up or simply leaving me a comment letting me know which of these items you would’ve picked up for yourself and why.

Mexican Lotteria Cards & kids activity books, right? My favorite might be this card game with Hello Kitty images, because I adore all the kawaii images:

Fun game cards with Hello Kitty - video thrift shop haul by iHanna #junkjournaling

Not sure I’m in love with these book though, but maybe I could use them for something:

Gyllene book Djurens barnkammare (Golden book cover) - video thrift shop haul by iHanna #junkjournaling
The cover of I djurens barnkammare – a Swedish vintage Golden book with a bad spine and cute images inside (Gyllene book).
Activity book cover: Mandala for kids coloring book / målarbok - video thrift shop haul by iHanna #junkjournaling
Activity book for kids with thick paper that is blank on the back, featuring simple mandalas to color in, or painted over, or…?

That’s it, for today. I hope you enjoyed the video even though it was a very slow 2 minute start with the most boring gray notebook on a white desk (still learning, still learning). Maybe I should’ve started with the most exciting things, instead of doing it reverse? But anyway, it’s done and uploaded. You be the judge. And please let me know if you want more posts like this? Or more haul videos? They’re fun to do even though maybe I tend to talk a bit long about everything and her aunt?

Lastly, something I did not buy to bring home that still caught my eye:
Vintage doll carrier with a lovely pattern - video thrift shop haul by iHanna #toys

Sometimes I snap a quick cell phone photo of the second hand stuff that I like, but don’t want (or just can’t bring home because of price, space or time). I just got to photograph this doll carrier (or teddy bear bed) before a little girl snapped it up with a content smile on her face (good for her!). I like the vintage pattern, but also it reminded me of something similar I had as a kid that I had forgotten about.

I love how a visit to the flea market sometimes trigger a memory from the past, or a awakens a question of how something is used… or simple makes you snap a photo for color inspiration.

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PS: Here’s a link to Lolly Palooza’s YouTube playlist of her Thrift Store Haul Videos watching her “show and tell” inspired this video. Thanks Lolly!

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  1. I enjoyed this video! Thank you! I love the thrift store haul videos. It would also be neat if you did a video showing where you keep all of your completed journals and collages, etc.

  2. Hello! I cannot tell you how very much I enjoyed your video of thrift sale finds. Who knew I would love looking at your stash as much as hunting for my own. It has absolutely made my day :-). I loved the things you came home with and you have inspired me to start taking photos of my own thrifting finds as I am sure looking at the photos bring back the amazement that you feel when you find such treasures. I am going to suggest/beg that if you don’t want all the images in your red covered animal book that we do a trade – I am as obsessed with old color animals pictures from children’s books as you are with Hello Kitty and pink! I would happily send you images of frogs for what sounds like an upcoming project and any other images you tell me you like. As far as the stickers of bugs in the other book send them my way as well. My beloved niece who lives in England loves bugs and I send her handmade cards and books all the time about bugs so I can tell you she would LOVE them. Hoping I am not sounding greedy but I am just another paper lover who shares your delight in happy finds. It would be fun to do some trades of materials to keep us both inspired. Always good to get a stuffed envelope in the post.I love your blog and your cheerful work and you always brighten my days to see what you are up to and what you are creating. You are an inspiration to stick things down!Please send me an email if you would like to do some treasure trades. Xo

  3. What a fun thrift haul! Thanks for sharing your video and photos! Loved hearing what you think you might use things for! And oh my, your photo of the cornflower field is gorgeous!! Hope you have fun creating with some of your finds!

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