Thanks so much to everyone for your praise and encouragement! When I make more katt-i-fnattar I will post them here and anyone interested in a trade can get back to me, I’d love to make trades with you talented girls!

Cat I made to sell, by iHanna (Copyright Hanna Andersson)

And yes, the Design market was fun and also an important and big step for me to take. I felt so calm sitting there, because nobody said anything bad: not about the crazy Art Dolls, not about me or about my prices. I couldn’t even detect a smirk. It was just so great to attend this Design Market and give it a try.

People passing by my table smiling, hesitating and stopping to ask something or comment about the “cute teddys” or the cards I had made.

And of course I have pictures of the market!
Here is my little table:

Vid mitt bord
Photo by P. I love this one so much.

I sold one of my collages (!) and a few softies. I felt P’s support and had a great time. What else could you ask for?

I could never have asked for this:

Design market


Dags f?r ?pple
But it happened. Friends came by, everyone was selling great and beatiful stuff and there where fairly many visitors even though they where in the wrong age (+ they were mostly poor students) for buying my softies! But I knew that before I went, so it was no surprice.

I made some contacts and was photographed by a girl who came by. I asked where she would put the photo and she gave me the adress to her photo diary, and there you’ll find me!